MD Capital Partners supports the following charities:

Felix Fund exists to support any military personnel who have conducted or assisted with Explosive Ordnance Disposal duties, and their families.

The charities current focus is funding therapeutic normalisation breaks to help bomb disposal teams readjust to life in the UK after serving in Afghanistan.

They are also raising money for welfare and rehabilitation facilities, and building a hardship fund for all. This fund will of course support the trade’s many injured and bereaved, but also members of the wider ‘bomb disposal family’ who have otherwise fallen on hard times.

The firm has committed to holding an annual event to benefit the charity. The last event was an outstanding success raising in excess of £75,000 for the charity.

Special Olympics Great Britain offers year-round sport training and competition opportunities and is open to all people with intellectual (learning) disabilities regardless of their ability.

The charity presently offers opportunities to more than 8,000 children and adults with intellectual (learning) disabilities in Great Britain and the aim is to reach out to a further 12,000 new athletes and 4,000 volunteers by the end of 2013.

Miles MacKinnon is on the Board of the Special Olympics and also on the development committee, which is responsible for raising funds from different Trusts, corporations and high net worth individuals.

(Scarlett MacKinnon Endowment Initiative)

S.M.E.I. has been set up for the relief of children being treated at the children's ward of the William Harvey Hospital and their families and carers by the provision of equipment, services and other items and facilities. It was also established for the promotion and protection of the physical and mental health of sufferers of severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy (SMEI) and their families and carers.

This charity was founded by Kirsty & Miles MacKinnon and is named after their daughter who suffers from the condition.